I am Heather Kay, the oldest of 6 siblings and numerous younger cousins. After many years of dabbling into every single interest I had for a career, it wasn’t until I spent almost three years in Italy and Spain as an AuPair, that I finally found my path. I witnessed a journalist who hid out on an island frequented by the immigrants of Africa fleeing their countries for other parts of Europe looking for work. This journalist befriended the immigrants, posing as one, and documented their lives and their ‘working’ conditions. After this journalist’s experience, he wrote an article that made the front page of a well-known Italian publication, documenting how slave labor was still alive and well in Italy. Italians rarely throw their own countryman under the bus, and this one inspired me. This was the way I was going to make my difference in the world, traveling and reporting on the atrocities that still exist against humanity. I believe in equality for all, there is only one race – the human race – and that all humans have the right to food, water and shelter. As I make my way back to Europe, one of my focuses will be to give a voice to those without one, those without food, water and shelter. Those without a say in their lives. Of course, my own love of food and travel will also be a subject of my adventures. I have been a lifetime student, with an A.A. in business administration and an A.A. in liberal studies. I am finally at the end of my education (for now) and I earned my B.A. in Journalism and Media Studies in the summer of 2014.



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